October 18, 2022

Is hiring a traffic company AdSense Safe?

Are your metrics not quite up to scratch? Or perhaps your traffic growth has been disappointingly slow? A traffic company is a great way to correct those problems… but it’s not always that simple.

What you might not realize is that many traffic companies use practices that violate the terms of service you signed when you created your AdSense account (but don’t worry, SparkTraffic doesn’t – more about that later). Google clearly states that “AdSense Publishers are responsible for the traffic they send to their accounts,” and they are not slow to take action against any site they believe is breaking the rules.

Your AdSense account will likely be disabled when this happens, and you probably won’t receive future payments. Instead, the money you would have received will be returned to advertisers to recompense them for the money they’ve paid for the traffic. With most websites relying on AdSense as a key source of income, this is the last thing you want.

You can appeal, but Google will only reinstate your account if you show that they’ve made a mistake, which is hard. Furthermore, when your account is disabled, you are also banned from opening further AdSense accounts. This ban may even be extended to family members if Google believes they are opening accounts on your behalf.

Why Does Google Ban Individuals For Using These Traffic Sites?

Most traffic companies either use automated traffic designed to look like a human or real human traffic using individuals hired for that specific purpose, but this alone is not enough to get you banned from AdSense. The problem comes when this traffic starts clicking on ads and earning money.

Google views this as ad fraud because the person (or computer) clicking on the ad has no intention of purchasing. These clicks cost Google’s customers (the businesses running the ad) money and reduce the quality of the service Google provides them. Understandably, Google doesn’t like that.

Unsurprisingly, Google has got extremely good at detecting when a website uses a service like this to drive traffic to ads. Some less reputable sites may claim they can deliver AdSense traffic without risk, but this is unlikely – sooner or later, you’ll receive an AdSense ban due to “invalid traffic.”

We recommend that you avoid these sites, follow the rules, and enjoy the other traffic benefits without putting your AdSense account at risk.

Which Traffic Sites Are Safe?

SparkTraffic is one of the few AdSense-safe traffic sites. Our traffic uses real web browsers enhanced with automation to create human-like traffic, but – importantly – our traffic never even sees your AdSense ads.

Because our traffic can’t see your AdSense advertisements, there is no chance of anything Google might consider “invalid traffic” clicking on those ads. It’s not just AdSense either – the traffic we send is safe for other PPC programs that you might be running on your site.

Why Hire an AdSense-Safe Traffic Company?

High-quality traffic can significantly improve your website’s key metrics. For example, you can get more views, improve your bounce rate, and see your rating rise in popular tracking systems such as Google Analytics, Histats, Yandex, and others.

We can also improve your Global and Local Alexa Rank (if our services are used in conjunction with Alexa Rank Certified). Although the exact relationship between Google ranking and Alexa ranking is unknown (we can’t see inside Google’s algorithm), there is a strong correlation between Alexa ranking and performance in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

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