What are traffic bots?

Cecilien Dambon
October 17, 2022
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Traffic bots provide non-human traffic to websites. If you are an internet surfer, website traffic probably does not matter much to you. However, if you are the owner of a website, traffic is crucial. No matter what type of website you run, getting as much traffic as possible is critical. Traffic bots can help website owners maximize their website traffic. Below, you will find everything you need to know about traffic bots and how you can benefit from them.

Three Key Website Traffic Metrics to Keep an Eye On

When analyzing website traffic, website owners need to look at a couple of critical components. These include, but are not limited to, bounce rate, return rate, and session time.

Bounce Rate

To calculate the bounce rate, you start with the number of visits to a single page on the website. Then, you divide that by the total number of visits your website gets. The resulting percentage, the bounce rate, is also known as the “stickiness” of a website.
The bounce rate, in theory, tells you how engaging your website is. For example, let’s say single-page visits make up the majority of website traffic. That means that most visitors only look at one page of the site and then leave. They don’t stay on the website – they bounce off.
On the flip side, let’s say more visitors engage in multiple pages on the website. As a result, they spend more time on the site and don’t bounce off as quickly. In this case, they see a larger portion of the website’s content.

Return Rate

The return rate is similar to the bounce rate in that it describes the engagement level of website visitors. However, the return rate focuses more on the loyalty of these visitors. It is a percentage of total visitors who re-visit the site. In other words, the visitor engages with the site and leaves but returns at a later date. A high return rate has a couple of implications. One is that visitors valued the website’s content enough to want to view it again. Another is that visitors enjoyed the website’s content enough to want to explore more of it. Both are favorable outcomes for website owners.

Session Time

At its simplest, session time is the duration between when the visitor enters and leaves the website. This metric tells the website’s owner how long their content can engage their visitors. Unfortunately, however, this indicator is a little flawed.
Let’s say a visitor clicks on the website link, and they enter. Then, their phone rings, and they have a 3-hour phone call before sitting back down at the computer. They finally start looking at the website again, but they immediately close it. Their session time will say that they were looking at the website the whole time even though they only spent a few seconds there.

Session Benefits of Reliable Traffic Bots

A high volume of traffic and high rates of other traffic metrics are crucial to a website’s success. Now that businesses sell traffic bots, a website owner can employ these bots to boost to generate tailored traffic indistinguishable from real users.

Free Trials

All reliable services have free trials, and traffic bot companies who believe in their products are no exception. Traffic bot companies that fail to offer free trials should raise a red flag immediately, as there’s usually a reason behind this. Traffic bot companies that do offer free trials, such as SparkTraffic, are automatically more reliable. Website owners can test out their service without fear of losing money to a scam.


Some traffic bot companies exclude different types of websites from accessing their services. For example, adult websites are not always eligible for traffic bots. However, the most advanced traffic bots are compatible with all kinds of content. So no matter what type of website you’re running, a reliable traffic bot will be able to provide customized traffic that works best for you.

Safe to Use

Not all traffic bots are the same. There are some bots with malicious intentions. For that reason, Google AdSense is designed to detect bad traffic bots and ban websites that use them. Numerous sites use Google AdSense to display ads for every visitor. These ads are often a significant source of revenue, so it’s prudent for website owners to follow their rules.
However, that does not mean abandoning the idea of traffic bots entirely. It is just imperative to ensure the company you are buying traffic bots from is Google AdSense safe. For example, SparkTraffic provides reliable traffic bots that are 100% compatible with Google AdSense and other pay-per-click affiliate programs. In other words, there is no way to distinguish their bot’s traffic from genuine human traffic.

Improve Traffic Metrics

Traffic bots are the most well-known method of increasing a website’s traffic volume. However, they can do so much more than that. They can also improve other traffic measures, such as bounce rate, return time, and session rate. Combined with the increase in traffic volume, these metrics can significantly boost a website’s search engine rank.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Ranking higher in search engine results means more real users will see a website and interact with it. Purchased traffic bots can help improve this ranking and get more actual visitors for your content.
The algorithms of search engine ranking systems are not entirely known. It’s also important to note that every search engine has its own ranking system. However, higher traffic volume and other traffic metrics we mentioned above contribute to a website’s ranking.
As explained previously, the algorithms of some search engine ranking systems are unknown. Google is an example of one of these elusive search engine ranking systems. However, Alexa rank is slightly less elusive.
Alexa is a website owned by Amazon that is similar to Google Analytics. They provide data on websites’ traffic metrics as well as their own ranking. Since Alexa rank has a more transparent ranking system, companies like SparkTraffic offer guaranteed improvement in your website’s Alexa rank.


More traditional marketing methods can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to get a couple of real users to your site. However, traffic bots are a much more cost-effective method of increasing traffic volume. For instance, SparkTraffic offers automated traffic bot plans for as low as $9.99 a month.
Of course, purchasing traffic bots can’t completely replace traditional marketing methods. Ideally, websites want real users who will buy things and click on ads. However, purchasing traffic bots at a low cost can supplement other marketing strategies, offering a fantastic way for brand new websites to receive notoriety.


Some traffic bot companies even allow you to specify the parameters your website needs. For example, SparkTraffic provides a large variety of customizations to choose from. For example, website owners can decide how many page visits and unique visits they want to purchase. They can also choose to get unique residential IP addresses, local Alexa rank improvements, and UTM campaigns. Website owners can even customize the traffic volume depending on the day and day of the week.
One of the most beneficial personalization options that SparkTraffic offers is geotargeting. Geotargeting is specifying where the automated traffic comes from. Being able to geotarget traffic is a valuable option for many reasons. Most importantly, it can guarantee the traffic is coming from an area that a website caters to. In addition, receiving traffic from a specific location allows a website to pinpoint the audience.
SparkTraffic’s most affordable plan provides geotargeting, which specifies the country the automated traffic is coming from. Its more advanced plans offer even more options, like selecting a specific state or a city as a source of automated traffic. These options are essential because having bot traffic in the targeted area will increase real traffic from that area.


To be successful, websites need a significant volume of traffic. Website owners often start by analyzing the bounce rate, return, return rate, and session time. They can also consider the use of traffic bots, which offer extensive benefits and help websites thrive.
The modern internet landscape is highly competitive, so building the best audience requires the most advanced options. For quality traffic customized for your specific needs, look no further than SparkTraffic. Get in touch with us for a free trial and see for yourself why over 120.000 companies in 260 countries trust us for all their traffic needs.
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