How to get free traffic?

Cecilien Dambon
October 18, 2022
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Free website traffic
Traffic Bot provides users a chance to get absolutely free 6000 hits per month for almost any website.
We only ask that the website is not an affiliate link, redirect, free, or 3rd level domain, nor it already exists in our database.
For example, if you or anyone else has already created a project for a domain, this domain is no longer eligible for free website traffic.

To create a free project, you need first to obtain a Nano credit that can be done by clicking on the Get More Credits link in your member area. Then choose Nano credit by clicking on Buy Nano Credits, and on the next page, click on the big button to get it.
Keep in mind that you can have not more than just 1 Nano credit on your balance, but every time you spend one, you can get another for free, so you can have multiple Nano projects running simultaneously.

As with any other credit in our system, 1 Nano credit allows you to create 1 project for just 1 domain for 1 month. In addition, you can have multiple inner pages on the same domain inside a project.
To renew the project, you need to have a Nano credit on your balance. The free projects cannot be renewed automatically, so you need to obtain a credit and renew the project manually from your member area every month.

Absolutely Free Traffic for your Website

We have a special Nano credit that allows you to create absolutely free project for your website.
Nano credit gives you 6000 page views per month absolutely free. The only limit is that it cannot be renewed automatically. You need to renew manually. We don’t allow 3rd level domains, shorteners, adfly, or similar services for free traffic projects. Neither can you use the domains that are already in our database. So use only paid projects in this case.

You can have no more than 1 free Nano credit on your balance.
To get your Free Nano credit, head over to your member area, click on Buy More Credits link and choose Nano credit.
Cecilien Dambon
Cecilien Dambon
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