Improve your Local SEO with organic SEO traffic

Cecilien Dambon
October 17, 2022
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Local SEO traffic

Organic CTR Improvement

Organic CTR(Click-Through-Rate) is the ratio of users who clicked on your website to the number of users who only viewed but didn’t click.

Better CTR means that the users like your site more and search engines always rank higher sites that users like more.

Always take into account that more popular keywords require more clicks to improve CTR.

Your Website Gets More Clicks, Your Competitors Don’t

When we click only at your website then your competitors get fewer clicks, it is simple.

Automatic ranking algorithms get tricked to think that your website is more desirable for the users hence it is your website that should be at the top, not others.

The more clicks you receive and the fewer your competitors the higher your website will be in the search engines results.

Your Website Ranks Higher

Since your website receives more SEO Clicks than other websites your positions in the search engine get higher.

Don’t expect fast results but do expect a steady increase with time.

Always improve other SEO factors like backlinks, good content, and proper title and description of your page, all the efforts will get you the results faster and your positions will be more solid.

Increase of Natural Organic Traffic

When your website ranks higher it is easier to find it and it brings more people increasing your natural organic traffic.

More natural organic traffic means more clients, more profit, better Return On Investment(ROI) you spent on the SEO services.

SEO is the best investment in your online business you can make.

Choose the country to improve your SEO positions locally

With Sparktraffic, you can create a project for local SEO only for a specific country, allowing only real people from this location to click on the search engine results page with your website. So if your website targets only, for example, Indian auditory, you do not need clicks from the US and other countries.

Of course, limiting the traffic to one location will decrease the delivery speed, but the traffic will be more effective for your positions. So the same goal may be reached with a lower amount of traffic.

How to create a Local SEO project?

In your member area, head over to the SEO Traffic section. You can find it in the left menu right under the Guaranteed Traffic.

Then click on the Add New Project link top the project adding form.

Please fill out the form, providing us with your website, keyword, desired traffic limit. Then, turn on the GEO-Targeting option and choose the country and language.
The language doesn’t have to be related to the chosen country. For example, in India, the English language is quite widespread, and many of our clients use English keywords to target India.
Suppose you are unsure how much SEO website traffic you need to buy. In that case, you can use to estimate the search volume for your keyword and SEO CTR Calculator to estimate the SEO Clicks amount you should be receiving to achieve the desired position.
Cecilien Dambon
Cecilien Dambon
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