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GEO Targeted Traffic (Local Traffic)

Cecilien Dambon
December 7, 2023
1 min.
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GEO targeted traffic (Local Traffic) - refers to the geographical or regional focus of the website's audience. It implies that the website is targeting and attracting visitors from a specific local area, such as a city, town, or region. This type of traffic is often relevant for businesses or organizations that serve a specific local community and want to attract customers or visitors from that particular area.Local website traffic can be crucial for businesses with physical locations, such as local shops, restaurants, or service providers, as they aim to reach and engage with people in their immediate vicinity. Strategies to attract local website traffic may include local search engine optimization (Local SEO), location-based keywords, and utilizing online platforms and directories that cater to specific geographic regions.

Ceceilin Dambon
Cecilien Dambon
SEO & Growth Adviser