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Bounce Rate

Cecilien Dambon
March 6, 2024
1 min.
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Bounce Rate is a key metric in digital marketing and web analytics that measures the percentage of visitors who navigate away from a website or webpage after viewing only a single page, without interacting further or exploring additional content. It provides insights into the effectiveness of a webpage in retaining visitors and capturing their interest.

A high bounce rate often suggests that visitors did not find the content engaging, relevant, or compelling enough to stay and explore further. On the other hand, a lower bounce rate indicates that a significant portion of visitors continued to interact with the site, navigating to additional pages or taking desired actions.

Bounce rate is an essential metric for digital marketers, helping them assess the performance of landing pages, content, and overall user experience. It is crucial to interpret bounce rate in conjunction with other metrics and consider the specific goals of a webpage. For example, a high bounce rate on a blog post might be acceptable if users consume the content and leave, while a high bounce rate on an e-commerce product page might indicate potential issues.

Ceceilin Dambon
Cecilien Dambon
SEO & Growth Adviser