October 18, 2022

How to visit random local and external links?

One of the recent major updates is 2 new macros that can be used in projects of the size of Ultimate and higher.

Here’s an example:

example of a rule for urls in the sparktraffic client panel photo

The macros should be put one per line, the same as any other URL.
{{RAND_LOCAL}} – Scans all the current pages and chooses a random link on the same website. The bot visits it
{{RAND_EXT}} – The same as RAND_LOCAL, but the link is chosen from any external links on the current page.
If there’s no external link, then the navigation fails.

We recommend using at least 4 page views, for example:
Your URLs: Any URLs on your website
1st Click URLs: {{RAND_LOCAL}} – the bot visits a random link on your website
2nd Click URLs: {{RAND_EXT}} – the bot jumps to an external website
3rd Click URLs: {{RAND_LOCAL}} – the bot visits a random link on the external website

So you make at least 2 page views on your website and 2 on an external. If there’s just a 1-page view, then the visit is considered to be bounced, the bounce rate becomes 100%, and the session time is 0 seconds.

You should avoid using the macros in the Your URLs field since these are the first URLs the bot visit, and no internal/external links are there yet.

Keep in mind that this advanced feature is only available in Ultimate projects.

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