How to make Keywords coming from your local Google or Yahoo domain?

On 11 December 2017

Our member area allows you to easily set up organic traffic using the Keywords field in your project’s settings page:

Before proceeding we recommend to read our previous article on the Referrers field as Keywords and Referrers are two interdependent fields. Keywords show up in your Google Analytics using the Http-Referrer field that your browsers sends to Google.

When you search for something like “traffic bot” in Google you are on a page similar to and when you click at some website in the search like for example exactly this URL( is sent in the Http-Referrer.

So it is clear that in order to receive traffic with keyword “traffic bot” we need to put in the Referrers field. Our member area does it automatically if you use the Keywords field but only domain is used for it.

In case you want to use your local international Google domain for example you need to avoid using Keywords field and use only the Referrers one, for example:

If you want several international Google domains you need to put them all in the Referrers:

The same trick can be done if you want the traffic to be from Yahoo or almost any other search engine, for example;

One of the most common errors our clients do is to put just the main page of Google in the Referrers, since there is no keyword in the URL of the main page the traffic is not registered as Organic.

Again we would like to remind that since Keywords an Referrers use the same Http-Referrer field from the browsers they cannot be used simultaneously, if you have for example in your Referrers: and in your Keywords: traffic bot then obviously the visitor cannot come from 2 places at one time, so the system chooses randomly either Referrer either Keyword and in this particular case your traffic will be 50% social and 50% organic.

Important: Since no spaces allowed in the URL don’t forget to replace all the spaces with ‘+’ sign or the one that your Search Engine uses, this is not correct: bot while that one is: