New: Cities and States Geo Targeting

On 09 April 2018

Apart from just Countries Geo Targeting from now on we allow target States and Cities.

cities geo targeting
States targeting works in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Myanmar (Burma), Germany, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, United States, Venezuela.
To enable it head over to your project’s settings page and change Geo Targeting Type to States and choose one the countries in the Choose Country dropdown. You can choose States in multiple countries, for example New York, United States and Punjab, India, in this case 50% of the traffic will be from US and the rest from India and only 2 States will appear in the Geo report in your Google Analytics.

states geo targeting
City targeting works in 171 countries of your choice, you can choose multiple cities from different countries, for example Los Angeles in United States and Moscow in Russia at the same time and we will split the traffic between them.
We guarantee that you will see these cities in your Google Analytics but keep in mind that different traffic counters may detect cities differently and because 99% of our clients use Google Analytics we work only with it.
For countries that have States we allow filter cities by States.

Keep in mind that when you change Geo Targeting Type the states, cities or countries lists will reset. You can only have Countries, States or Cities targeting, not any of them simultaneously in the same project.

Cities and States Geo Targeting works only in project of size Medium, Large, Ultimate or more.