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SparkTraffic is looking for awesome technical writers and subject matter experts to contribute to our comprehensive selection of tutorials about Traffic, Online Marketing, Google Analytics, Alexa, Similarweb etc. If you have technical knowledge and the ability to explain things clearly, our in-house editors will help you polish and publish your guide.
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Please make sure your sample has a similar level of technical content and explanations as that found in our tutorials. At this time we are accepting articles only in English.

The quality of your writing sample is the primary way we evaluate your application to become a SparkTraffic Contributor. Please submit a technical article (e.g. a blog post or tutorial) you’ve written in the past that demonstrates your expertise on a Online Marketing-related topic.

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Your writing sample should indicate your capability to draft technical guides that address Traffic, Online Marketing, Google Analytics, Alexa, Similarweb etc. topics, similar to those found in our blog.
Evaluation of your sample will be based on knowledge of the selected topic, depth of content, format, and–because we publish only in English–mastery of the language. We will negotiate topics and rates with subject matter experts.
Please do not recommend specific topics at this time, as they will not be accepted.