October 17, 2022

Pay for the traffic in your local currency by bank transfer

We accept bank payments in local currencies to our bank account in a local bank, including:

  • Euros
  • US dollars
  • British pounds
  • Australian dollars
  • New Zealand dollars
  • Canadian dollars
  • Hungarian forints
  • Romanian leu
  • Singapore dollars
  • Turkish liras

Once you choose the currency, we will issue a Pro-forma invoice with local bank details.
The payment will always be inside the country to a local bank, so if, for example, you choose to pay in Canadian dollars we will provide you with Canadian bank account details to send the payment to.
After the payment has been received, we will issue a tax invoice in the currency you used for the transfer.
To speed up the receipt, we ask you to email payment confirmation to [email protected]

How to pay for the traffic in a local currency?

To start buying website traffic click on the Buy Credits link in the left menu of your member area.

the working panel of the sparktraffic client photo

In the next step choose the size and quantity of the traffic credit you want to purchase. Then at the bottom of the page open the Bank Transfer tab, choose the currency and click on the Generate Pro Forma Invoice button.

the transfer tab of the sparktraffic client photo

It will result in downloading a temporary invoice you can use for the payment. The bank details will be at the bottom of the document. Remember to follow the instructions in the invoice and notify us about the payment for faster processing.

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