Bounce Rate Metric For Your Traffic

On 09 February 2017

We are delighted to introduce the new field in your project’s settings: Bounce rate.
Bounce rate is quite an important metric of the traffic of any website, it is the percentage of the visitors who leave the website after seeing only one page. Usually it shows the quality of the website and how its content is liked by the traffic, in other words if the visitors like your website they won’t leave and see more pages.

If you don’t know what is the best value for your particular website we suggest you take the average of your industry or simply use the bounce rates of your rivals.
If for example you are Bing search engine you may want the same bounce rate as Google has or slightly better, so you can head over to Similarweb and see what Bounce rate does Google have:
On the link we see that Google’s Bounce rate is 43%.

Many of our clients ask “What is the best value?” and we always recommend to follow the leaders and just be natural, if you know a good website with similar content to yours you may want to have similar metrics to him.

You can set the bounce rate for your traffic from 0% to 100%.
100% – means that all the users will leave your website after seeing only 1 page, 0% means all the users will see more than 1 page.

Keep in mind that any value greater than 0% will decrease the page views you receive because some pages will not bee seen by the traffic.
If for example you set the Bounce rate to 50% and you set only 2 pages to navigate(Main and 1st click) then half of the traffic won’t see the 1st click page and you will receive only 75% of the estimated page views.